Looking to dress up and freshen your Thanksgiving scene?  These top trends for the autumn entertaining season will add warmth and elegance to your traditional table.

Hand-Drawn Runners and Placemats

Personalized touches are easy to make whether or not you have an artistic touch.  Look up script typography examples online for ideas (we like, and then plan out a lettering scheme that fits your event.  Play around with different styles and create placemats, name cards, and menus that are as unique as the characters gathered around your table.  And don’t worry about being perfect—variation in the sizes, shapes, and styles of your letters further personalizes the effect!

Rustic-Chic Tablescapes

Look for organic elements around your home or at the local market, like acorns, bunches of bittersweet, and fresh flowers.  Arrange them using eclectic containers ranging from small watering buckets to family heirloom crystal.  Use like colors to unite elements and add a little polish with small touches like gold ribbon ties around the silverware or metallic script lettering on the place cards.

Painted Pumpkins

 Add a little glamour to your décor by spray-painting pumpkins gold or silver and experiment with patterns, drips, and stencils.  Check out our Thanksgiving Special: Table Setting Ideas Pinterest board for more ideas.