Fuel Your Creativity...Inspiring Office Space

The majority of us spend our working hours with noses pressed to a computer, smart phone, or tablet screen. We hardly notice the hours piling up. Eyes and minds need relief from the over energizing activity these devices produce. If you find that your schedule doesn’t allow for a quick stroll outside, or even a lunch break, there are innovative ways to create a stimulating working environment. We pulled together some images of creative work studios and little finds, that inspire us in our new studio, and will possibly inspire you to take a visual and mental break!


Pops of color provide stimulation and detract from unavoidable clutter - image  Blood & Champagne.

More pops of color for craft room & home offices - images from Houzz.


Or perhaps you prefer a more clean look of black and white - Designspiration.

Loving the industrial office design over at Bash, Please.

A chalkboard wall is great way to involve co-workers to take part in daily design and inspiration. We're also big on mood boards.  Last but certainly not least, check out the offices of Etsy. You can almost feel the creative energy through these images - as seen in whitezine.com

No matter which direction or style you prefer, the addition of creative elements will  invigorate senses and  add to overall productivity for you and your coworkers. What boss can argue with that? If you have already implemented some of these ideas, maybe it’s time for a change? If you are someone who likes white on white and clean surfaces, see what adding a bright color will do to the mix. See what happens when you throw your entire existing layout in reverse!