Art Currency

…no, not how much is art worth. (Well, in this case, it could be fun to try and figure out.) Today, we’re giving you a sneak peak into Peyton’s process in the development of a commissioned art piece for one of our clients created by the talented artist,  James Verbicky.

When designing for a client, it's more than just selecting art, or furniture, or even a color palette. It's about knowing your client, yet staying true to your gut instinct as a designer. It's also about persistence and devotion to an idea, which can inevitably spark beautiful collaborations. Peyton gives us insight into how she approached this particular project: 

"I encouraged the client to buy artwork in his travels or perhaps consider creating something custom for their space. The client wanted to incorporate either elements of technology or currency to reflect the primary focus of their business. So I hit the ground running scouting a variety of different artists who could build the piece without being overly obvious or too abstract that viewer lost focus of the media.

Knowing my style and love for simplified, sculptural and contemporary art, I have to thank Craig Page for (literally) dragging me away from my desk to see Verbicky's work in person."

"Up until that magical afternoon I had only seen photographs and a postcard tacked on my bulletin board.  I was immediately sold that Verbicky was the perfect fit. I looked at Craig and Cheryl and asked if we could take two of the pieces over to the client's house so I could pitch my idea. With a little hesitation they obliged.  I ran home printed out photos of the currency, grabbed scissors and a glue stick and met Craig at the client's home. It was there that I assembled a quick mock up to sell my case."

"My client was sold--- and immediately handed me a zip lock baggy filled with currency from all over the world. Thus began our collaborative commission!"

...and the final outcome of James Verbicky's piece!